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YZLXQ140 integrated oil press

YZLXQ140  Series is designed with heater and Air pressure oil filter together .Three functions in one: preheating the press chamber--pressing oil --cleaning crude oil .

Input capacity from 150kg/h to 450kg/h

Model YZLXQ140  Input capacity 450kg/h 

Product Description

YZLXQ140 integrated oil press,Capacity 450kg/h(9-11T/24h) ,is more favorable designs for convenient and easy operation which includes screw oil press, electrical rings for heating chamber, oil filter for cleaning oil. After pressing and filtering, we can get clean oil .

It is good for processing a broad vegetable oil seed, such as peanut, sesame ,soybean,sunflower, palm kernel , coconut, corn germ, cotton seed,   rapeseed and more than 30 types of oil plants . 

The combined oil press capacity from 1TPD TO 11TPD , all models as below, you can choose accordingly .

ModelInput Capacity (T/24H)Motor Power (kw)Measurement (mm)Weight(kg)
YZLXQ1409-1118.5 or 22120*1610*20101360

Advantages of  YZLXQ140  integrated Oil Press

Saving preheating time: The heating rings will heat pressing cage Automatically ,saving preparing time.  

Multi-purpose: can be used for both cold pressing and hot pressing of many kinds of oil seeds.

User-friendly operation:The motor is installed under the oil press and the protective cover is used to protect it, which not only greatly reduces the area, but also enhances the safety performance of the oil machine 

Excellent material : high carbon steel, high frequency quenching, heat treatment resistance, high hardness, high strength, good wear resistance, suitable for 24hours continuous operation,  

Wide Application:It suitable for small scale or medium scale oil mill .

Flow chart of hot press

Oil-seeds → cleaning, stones removal(choose to buy)seeds conveyor cooking seeds oil pressing →crude oil filtering →oil refinery --oil packing machine--finished bottle oil 

Hot press will be high efficient and only press one time to get max oil also the oil from hot press smell well .

Flow chart of cold press

Oil-seeds → cleaning, stones removal(choice) seeds sheller(choice)seeds conveyor cooking seeds oil pressing →crude oil filtering →oil refinery --oil packing machine--finished bottle oil 

Compared with hot press , cold press without Roaster machine to heat seeds first , so when pressing oil , we suggest to press two times to get max oil .

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