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YZYX10-8WZ integrated oil press

YZYX10-8WZ Series is designed with heater and vacuum oil filter together .

Three functions in one: preheating the press chamber--pressing oil --cleaning crude oil .

Small integrated oil press , capacity from 50kg/h to 200kg/h designed with oil filter YZYX10-8WZ capacity 180kg/h(4.5T/24H)

Product Description

Integrated oil press YZYX10-8WZ capacity 180kg/h(4.5T/24H) , this model is very popular for starting oil business .  The press with Automatic electric cabinet ,oil filter ,motor ,rotary wheels. 

Transferred by the triangle belt, the electromotor drives the spiral shaft.
.  Oil plants being carried toward to the end of the machine by rotating squeeze spirals.
.  With the space between spirals and loops becoming smaller, the pressure in the chest is bigger.
.  During this process, oil plants are smashed and the tissue cells are destroyed, then oil is separated from oil plants.
.  After extracting, oil plants turn to be cakes containing low oil and is discharged in thin slices from the end.

Bigger capacity  180kg/h 270kg/h,330kg/h,400kg/h choose below 


ModelInput Capacity (T/24H)Motor Power (kw)Measurement (mm)Weight(kg)
YZYX140WZ9-1118.5 or 22005*1610*20101400

1.   More than 30 types of oil plants, such as rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seed, sunflower seed, and palm kernel, etc.
2.  Uses in oil factory, oil mill, and privates oil production workshop.
3.  Good both for pressing raw oil material and roasted oil material.
4. Performs well both in cold pressing and hot pressing. 
5. The lower residue oil of the dry cake.

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