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YZYX120WZ integrated oil press

YZYX120WZ Series is designed with heater and vacuum oil filter together .

Three functions in one: preheating the press chamber--pressing oil --cleaning crude oil .

Input capacity from 50kg/h to 450kg/h

Model YZYX120WZ Input capacity 270kg/h (6.5T/24H)

Product Description

YZYX120WZ is middle capacity 270kg/h(6.5T/24H). this model is very popular for starting oil business .  The press with Automatic electric cabinet ,oil filter ,motor ,rotary wheels.


Automatically open and stop. Easy to operate, safe working, even the unprofessional can learn how to use it very easily.  

Putting raw material into the feeder of oil press, the material will be transported automatically into press chamberoil and cake will be separated .

ModelInput Capacity (T/24H)Motor Power (kw)Measurement (mm)Weight(kg)
YZYX140WZ9-1118.5 or 22005*1610*20101400

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