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YZYX130WZ integrated oil press

YZYX130WZ Series is designed with heater and vacuum oil filter together .

Three functions in one: preheating the press chamber--pressing oil --cleaning crude oil .

Input capacity from 50kg/h to 450kg/h

Model YZYX130WZ Input capacity 330kg/h (8T/24h)

Product Description

YZYX130WZ is designed with Automatic electric cabinet ,oil filter ,motor ,rotary wheels. Input Capacity 330kg/h(8T/24h)

. Electric Cabinet with operation button.More convenient for most of oil press users.

. Oil filter can high efficiency to purify oil in time and Guarantee the good oil quality .

. Rotary wheels is very easy to remove machine , Small area occupied,less labor(one or two people )

Integrated oil press YZYX WZ Series suitable for small and medium-sized oil  production plants(daily processing capacity of 1~10tons, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower seed, flax seed, walnut, corn germ etc.)

ModelInput Capacity (T/24H)Motor Power (kw)Measurement (mm)Weight(kg)
YZYX140WZ9-1118.5 or 22005*1610*20101400
YZYX95WZ≥3.57.5or 111790*1400*1945937

It can fully retain the nutrients of the oil without loss, and can also produce highly-flavor oil to extract more oil, with less investment, low power, flexible operation and high oil yield.

Production Capacity  for Different Oil Plant 


Oil Plants

Processing       Capacity


Oil content of

Dry cakes (%)

Oil yield

Efficiency (%)

Electricity Consumption            (k.W.h/t)






Cotton seeds















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