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GLY500 oil Refinery

Capacity for crude oil 1-3ton/24h

The main function of oil refiner is degumming, deacidification,drying and decolorizing of crude oil (peanut oil , sesame oil , sunflower oil ,palm kernel oil ,cotton seeds oil ect 

Product Description

The crude oil get from physical squeeze or other methods is mixed with suspended particles ,water ,phosphoric ,proteins , free fatty acids ,organic or inorganic impurities , which effect edible value and storage security of the edible oil . the purpose of oil refinery is to remove the useless harmful impurity of oil for eating ,storage and industrial processing .


Work Flow

Crude oil-------Degumming---Deacidification ----Drying ---Decolorizing --refined oil 

This oil refinery is made up of refining tank,Vacuum dehydration tank ,decolorizing tank , vacuum pump , oil pump


this small oil refinery is widely use for all kindly of crude cooking oil .  

1.this small oil refinery is 
made of stainless steel(SS304).

2.Work continuity, machine reasonable designed.

3. Work efficiency--oil refinery designed with vacuum dehydration to  remove water in oil    

4. Product result is good, oil clear and oil color bright, no phosphorus 5.Simple and convenient operation 

GLY500 video introduction

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